Happy Dog Dry Food

Quality you can trust

  • We do not use soya.
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives or soya.
  • We waive animal testing.
  • Strictest, independent tests guarantee the highest level of quality.

Product Categories

African ostrich as the selected source of animal protein. Grain-free - with gluten free potato. For food intolerances and allergies.

Karibik (Caribbean)

Only one selected animal protein source. Grain-free. Recommended by vets in cases of allergies and food intolerances.

Mini Neuseeland (Mini New Zealand)

Extra-small croquettes - for small-breed dogs. With lamb and rice - particulary digestible.

Mini Toscana (Mini Tuscany)

Extra small croquettes - for small-breed dogs. Just 7.5% fat - ideal for dogs with low energy requirements and for neutered dogs.

Mini Baby & Junior

Complete food for puppies. Small breeds up to 10 kg adult weight. From the 4th week to 9 (max. 12) months

Mini Adult

For adult dogs up to 10 kg with normal energy requirements. Optimum care for teeth.

Mini Light

For adult dogs up to 10 kg with low energy requirements.

Baby Giant Lamb & Rice

Ideal for puppies of very large breeds from 4 weeks. The tasty heart-shaped biscuits are particularly easy to chew and digest.

Junior Giant Lamb & Rice

This super premium complete feed is optimal for young dogs of very large breeds from 7 months. The adapted protein and fat content supports healthy growth.

Baby Grainfree

Grain-free complete food with heart-shaped biscuits. For very sensitive puppies from 4 weeks - 12 months (mid-sized and large breeds up to 6 months).

Baby Lamb & Rice

Poultry-free complete food with heart-shaped biscuits for puppies of large and mid-sized breeds from 11 kg adult weight. 4 weeks up to 6 months.


For all older dogs with a normal energy requirement. With vitalising L-carnitine.

Light Calorie Control

Suitable for adult dogs from 11 kg who are slightly overweight and / or for weight maintenance. Glutenfree, only 7 % fat, valuables proteins and L-carnitine.

NaturCroq Welpen (Puppies)

For puppies of all breeds from 4 weeks{30/14}. Balance supply of nutrients. High-quality proteins.

NaturCroq Rind&Reis (Beef & Rice)

For adult dogs with normal requirements {22/9}. High quality proteins. Healthy whole grains. Notritious green herbs.

NaturCroq Lamm&Reis (Lamb & Rice)

For adult dogs with normal requirements{22/9}. Also for sensitive dogs.

NaturCroq Balance

For fully-grow dogs with a normal to slightly increased energy requirment {23/10}. Crpquette mix with planty of variety. With yeast and cottage cheese

NaturCroq Active

For adult dogs with increased energy requirment {24/18}. For agility, sport and play. With valuable vegetable oils. Nutritious proteins.

NaturCroq Senior

For all senior dogs {21/8}. With reduced protein, sodium and phosphorus content. With stable vitamin C.